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Get complete peace of mind with our FREE 1 Year Warranty scheme. Just sign up when you buy your new CCM.

Your CCM motorcycle is covered under warranty for a period of one year, commencing from the date of purchase.

The year cover is of no extra cost, all you have to do is enrol your new motorcycle using the Warranty Registration Form in the front of the Warranty Book which you will receive when purchased. We can fill this form in for you and all we'll need is your signature.

What Is Covered?

Your CCM motorcycle is guranteed against all defects (of material, workmanship and design) for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase and without any mileage restriction (unless it is sold as second hand or as an ex-demonstration model).

Any such defects will be be rectified free of charge, provided that the warranty is valid, particularly in respect of the servicing requirements.

This warranty does not cover machines sold or used for track days, racing or any other motorsport, on or off road.

Only causes of noise or vibration that are beyond reasonable limits and which effect the normal riding of the vehicle are included in this warranty.

What Is Not Covered?

The warranty does not include the cost of normal servicing, nor such items as oil, oil filters, topping up of lubricants, special fluids and various consumable materials, unless they specifically linked to the warranty repair.

Defects caused by the use of spare parts or accessories not produced and/or supplied by CCM are not covered by this warranty.

The warranty does not cover any spares subject to wear and tear, such as friction linings (clutch and brake) cables, fuses, bulbs, spark plugs, tyres, handlebar grips, chain and sprockets etc.

The warranty does not cover the cost of recovery or transportation of the motorcycle to or from the authorised CCM Dealer, nor expenses incurred while the motorcycle is off the road for warranty repairs, or any other consequential loss.

Any parts replaced under this warranty become the property of CCM.
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