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Gift Codes

Get up to £100 cash back when you buy a CCM online using our Gift Codes.

When you've decided which CCM Motorcycle you want to purchase, select the appropriate gift code from the list below and quote it when making your purchase. You get a discount off your new CCM Motorcycle. Simple as that!



 Gift Code

 FT35s  Unavailable      N/A  
 SR-40  GCSR40B      £49  
 CR-40  Unavailable      N/A  
 FT710  GCFT710D      £49  
 All Action      
 R35  GCR35E      £49  
 R45  GCR45F      £49  
 404DS  GC404DSG      £49  
 450DS  Unavailable      N/A  
 RL125  Unavailable      N/A  
 SM125  GCSM125K      £49  
 TL125  GCTL125L      £49  
 C-XR125  GCCXR125M      £49  
 C-XR230  GCCXR250N      £49  
 X-TR250  Unavailable      N/A  
 LX 350-4A  GCLX3504AQ      £49  
 LX 700-4A  GCLX7004AR      £49  
 UTV 700-4A  GCUTV7004AS      £49  

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